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See our most popular IV hydration treatments for hangovers, migraines, pregnancy, post workout hydration, immune boosters and more.

IV hydration is a safe and fast way to feel revitalized and refreshed. IV therapy provide a boost to your immune system, flushes toxins, reduces your recovery time, is easier on your digestive system, can improve wellness and supports healthy weight loss.

Mother Nature's Helping Hand IV

mobile iv therapy for rejuvenation and a soothing push to your immune system.

Calming serving of Zinc, vitamin C, and a vitamin B6 along with saline. This IV hydration is the soothing push your immune system needs to get you back to your old self again.


Fireball IV

Fireball - mobile IV therapy for sports performance.

An energizing IV therapy with a blend of saline, B Plex, vitamin C, and a mineral blend that will have you ready to run a mile or tackle your daily tasks.


Simply Saline IV

mobile iv therapy for hydration.

A traditional serving of saline. This simple iv drip solution provides the hydration and electrolytes needed to keep going.


Oh Baby IV

mobile iv therapy for pregnancy.

A mix of saline, B12, and B6 to help ease those pregnancy symptoms. This IV treatment also pairs nicely with Zofran to help ease the nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy.


Pain in the Neck IV

migraine IV therapy solutions.

Blend of vitamin B6, Zofran, and saline intended to attack the strongest migraine while giving you the reassurance needed to continue with the rest of your day.


Myer's Cocktail IV

Multifaceted blend of vitamins that can replace lost electrolytes while revitalizing the body. It’s considered this Holy Grail of IV infusions due to its unique abilities.


Body Morpher IV

Mobile IV therapy for post workout hydration.

This IV therapy is a special blend of amino acids paired with glutathione and saline. This is the perfect way to entice your body’s metabolism while giving you the boost of energy you need.


No Sweat IV

An amino blend and vitamin B12 mixture paired with saline for IV hydration to help with recovery after working out or performing sports.


Hot Tea IV

Calming blend of saline, a mineral blend, vitamin C and Zofran that’s just enough IV drip to pick you up and calm an upset tummy.


IG Model IV

Special blend of vitamin C, Biotin, manganese, Cooper, zinc and selenium to name a few for an IV therapy treatment that will help you be on your way to a better version of you.


Mobile IV nurse with client at home.